The Tile Game

This is a well known puzzle, consisting of a number of tiles in grid that have to be rearranged into the correct order. If you are not familiar with it the thonky site has an on-line numerical version of the game you can try out. You can also read up on some of the history of the game on Wikipedia.

This case study provides a Java implementation of the game as Swing application. It includes object-oriented design documentation and implementation notes in addition to the full source code.


There is a overview of the basic design of the project available as a PDF document. This includes a very brief discussion of the Universal Process and a reasonably detailed set of use cases and UML diagrams.

PDFTile Game Design document.


The complete source for the application is available as an Eclipse workspace. This provides an incremental set of projects, each gradually building the features of the game.

ZipThe Tile Game source project.

In addition, there is a document describing the iterations given in the


Most of the sources given in the documents linked to above are books. You might also find the following links to key topics covered in the case study helpful.

Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Unified Process (UP)

The Java Language

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